Episode 45: Three Sharks (or Jen and Laura Can’t Multitask)

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Catching Up: (0:35)

Jen has been working out a lot of new music. She’s still spinning her BFL from Threewatersfarm; she plans to make a two ply. She’s been running and using her new Fitbit to try to be more active, including running. She’s continuing work on her Firefly cross stitch sampler from Watty’s Wall Stuff. She and Melissa also watched some terrible movies including Last Stand and Fire with Fire.

Laura saw Wicked with her mom. She did a trunk show at Ewe + You and it went really well. Blarney Yarns was also there. She got caught up on Blacklist and thinks it’s awesome. Heather shipped the newest installment of Sunnydale Yarn Club, which was based on the episode “The Zeppo”. Laura is also really excited for some new crochet patterns from Ann at Freeform Fibers.

And we are both really excited for Stitches West!

In the Knitting Bag: (17:54)

Jen worked on her Baby Yours Blanket based on Baby Yours Sweater by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee out of Cascade 220 SW Sport in Winter White, her CustomFit tunic in Cascade Heritage, the second sock of the 15 Color Rainbow Socks from the 15 Color Rainbow self-striping yarn by Fab Funky Fibres. And she’s been doing her Stitches Homework and her Playful Stripes Cardigan out of Cascade 220 SW Sport.

Laura worked on her Yggdrasil Afghan by Lisa Jacobs in Berroco Vintage Chunky in Mocha, her Quinty by Bernadette Ambergen out of Dizzy Blonde Studios Dizzy Blonde Superwash Fingering in the “Marie” colorway.

Finished Objects: (25:32)

Jen finally blocked and wove in ends on her Leftie, Hitchhiker, and Leah’s Lovely Cardigan

Laura finished a preemie Hat and blocked and wove in ends on her Down the Garden Path Shawl

Devil’s Tower: (30:45)

Jen pulled out her Rocky Coast Cardigan and her Rockefeller.

Frog Pond: (34:56)

Laura had some issues with her Quinty caused by “dumbassery” (her words). First, there were gauge issues and we ask for help with crochet swatching. Then she started over and lost some stitches and had to frog again!

We mention Craftsy.

On Deck: (39:39)

Jen really wants to make a Hitofute Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatso. She wants to rework her Joshua tree sweater and needs her charts. She also wants to finish her Sunshine Sock, but it’s somewhere safe.

Laura has a lot of deck: Ink by Hanna Maciejewska, Loie by Beth Kling, and the Pashley Wrap by Amy Pickard from the current Knitty.

Knit Culture: (41:48)

My Modern Met article about Teresa Lim: Textile Artist Creates Travel Snapshots by Embroidering with Needle and Thread. We mention Jenny Hart.

The Fiber Factor Season 2 call for designers was cancelled. This makes us sad because we will miss the competition, but we do understand the backlash.

Geek Culture: (50:27)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Set is real

Lego Doctor Who Is Officially Happening in 2015.

And we talk about this Lego In N Out.

Events: (53:13)

Stitches West is February 19-22 and both Jen and Laura will be there.

The LA County Yarn Crawl will be March 26th through 29th.

Vogue Knitting LIVE! is at the Pasadena Convention Center on April 17-19. Laura may take some classes and Jen may go to the marketplace.

Camp CogKNITive will be August 21-23 in Camarillo, CA

We mention Amy Herzog and her book Knit to Flatter and Lisa Souza again (cuz we lurves her!).

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2 responses

  1. Re crochet swatching, yes of course, you can swatch in crochet just like in knitting. The pattern should give guidance on gauge, a measurement like “10 rows of 20 double crochet should measure 4 x 4 inches.” Or might tell you a certain number of pattern repeats should be a given measurement. What does your pattern say about gauge? I can help if I know what the wording is.

    I enjoy your podcast!

    • Thanks so much for the feedback! Laura is working on the pattern, so I’m not sure what the gauge information is, but I’ll point her here to see if she can tell you.

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