Episode 39: Skewing Manly (or Laura and Jen Have Too Many Relatives)

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Catching Up: (0:47)

Jen saw Saint Vincent, The Book of Life, and Interstellar. She enjoyed them all. The acting is great in Saint Vincent; Book of Life is beautiful, and she definitely thinks Interstellar is definitely worth seeing, but she wasn’t wild about the ending. She’s been reading Game of Thrones and really liking it. They celebrated a big birthday for Ron with a really nice party and her parents came to visit. She’s been spinning up her Knitpicks Wool of the Andes roving. She’s trying to make a 2-ply fingering. And she went to WeFF. She had a lot of fun and won a ton a stuff in the door prize drawings and bought some really nice roving from Morro Fleece Works and RedFish DyeWorks and buttons.

Laura was a vendor at WEFF and had a good day. She split her booth with Kamalei’s Naturals. She bought some yarn from RedFish. She went to Disneyland with her brother and his kids. She’s been watching Buffy Season 3 to prepare for the Sunnydale Yarn Club. She also finished the first half of Season 7 of Doctor Who. She’s been dying a lot and trying to keep her mind off of some health concerns that are most likely nothing, but that are causing some stress.

We mention Forbidden Woolery.

In the Knitting Bag: (20:05)

Jen has been still working on her Heirloom Layette Set by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence out of Cascade Heritage in Snow. She has not yet heard back from Knitpicks, so she will create her own edging. And she is working on the sweater instead. She’s working on her plain socks out of FabFunkyFibres 15 Coloured Rainbow self-striping yarn. She started The Age of Brass and Steam by Orange Flower Yarn out of Feederbrook Farms Entropy in the colorways Nebula and Paradox–she is going to do a gradual transition between the two. She also started a plain Customfit pullover using Cascade Heritage in Deep Plum. She is doing a close-fit, 3/4 length sleeve in tunic length, with a scoop neck and seed stitch border. And finally she started the Porcupine Blanket from 60 Quick Baby Knits out of Cascade 220 Superwash. She thinks the porcupines look more like hedgehogs.

Laura is working on the Motoring Madness mittens by Audrey Nicklin for her husband out of custom-dyed Dizzy Blonde DK. She is also working on Knitted Scale Mail Gloves in an Iron Man theme by CraftyMutt for her granddaughter’s father. She is doing them out of Brown Sheep Worsted in the Red Fox colorway. She decided to crochet the repulsors and applique them on, instead of doing intarsia. And she continues to work on her Yggdrasil Afghan by Lisa Jacobs out of reclaimed Berroco Vintage Chunky in Mocha. She’s on the applied edging and it’s a lot of knitting.

We mention Sock Architecture by Lara Neel.

Finished Objects: (28:15)

Jen finished her Chickadee Cardigan by Ysolda Teague from Little Red in the City out of Quince and Co. Chickadee in Rosa Rugosa, Slate, Egret, and Lichen. She just needs to put buttons on it, but she loves it so much she’s been wearing it without buttons. The sleeves are little short for her taste, but just because she likes really long sleeves.

Laura finished a hat for Halos of Hope out of Knitpicks Brava Worsted in orange, lavender, and some neutral greys and browns. PM or email Laura if you’re local and have hats for Halos; she is willing to send them.

Devil’s Tower (31:43)

Jen has been working on finishing (weaving in ends etc) on her Playful Stripes Cardigan and on her Mustachioed blanket.

Laura may put her Yggdrasil in Devil’s Tower to work on some gift knitting. (So she is decidedly not participating in the Knitmore Girls Grinchmas Contest).

We mention Watty’s Wall Stuff

Frog Pond: (36:40)

Luckily, we have both avoided the Frog Pond.

On Deck: (36:51)

Jen will make a layette based on the Baby Yours Sweater. She will make a second Playful Stripes Cardigan, the Hitofude Cardigan, and a Rockefeller for Ron.

Laura will make the Night Blooming Shawlette for the Sunnydale Yarn Club KAL. She also has on the list Quinty by Bernadette Ambergen, the Death Star by Patricia Castillo,  Ink by Hanna Maciejewska, the Crochet Fan Shawl by Valerie Martin, and Art Déco and Dreambird by Nadita Swings, and the the Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.

Knit Culture: (42:55)

We talk a little bit of Stashdown. We loved October’s entries. Congratulations to ShadowAP, you win a copy of Sock Architecture, courtesy of Cooperative Press. November’s theme is food, so put your FOs in the thread. December’s theme is “A Gift for Myself”. Knit something that you really love. Treat yourself. Use that skein that is so pretty or work on that project that you love.

We review Knitting 20th Century Art by Deborah Tomasello. We totally love this book. The patterns are really clever and inspired and there are nice overviews of modern art movements. We both appreciate the whimsy and the beauty of her patterns and we like the styling.

Geek Culture: (54:39)

We talk about the discovery of part of Amelia Earhart’s plane.

We also talk about the Rolling Stone Reader’s poll about the Ten Best Stephen King books. We weigh in our favorites and would love to hear about your favorite horror books.

And there is a Firefly Clue Board game. For serious.

Events: (1:03:16)

Stitches West is February 19-22 and both Jen and Laura will be there. Laura is vending and Jen will be taking a ton of classes, but come say hi!

Vogue Knitting LIVE! is at the Pasadena Convention Center on April 17-19. Laura may take some classes and Jen may go to the marketplace.

Episode 38: Orange is the New Blue? (Or Jen and Laura Watch Too Much TV)

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Catching Up: (0:22)

Laura finished season 6 of Doctor Who and she loved Baby Stormaggedon. Her DVR crashed and she lost all of her fall shows, which is really sad. Her brother and his assorted kids are coming for a visit and to go to Disneyland. And she’s been dying a ton to catch up after selling at a bunch of fiber festivals and for some of the Mean Girls Yarn Club. She is starting a Sunnydale Club KAL/CAL on Halloween (but it’s not too late to join–details are here). And she is starting to per for Stitches West, because it’s coming up faster than you would think.

Jen saw Dracula Untold with Melissa and it was entertainingly bad (this recap from the Toast is better than the movie). She is planning a party for Ron’s big milestone birthday and is therefore cooking all the things and shopping for all the things. She finished her cross-stitch project from Watty’s Wall Stuff. She’s been spinning a lot, she plied up her Knitpicks Wool of the Andes roving in Amethyst and is now spinning her Wool of the Andes Sapphire roving. The cowl pattern she did for the first Sunnydale club patrol, I Flunked the Written, is available for general sale. Flu season has her very busy with work. She is also still taking her Shakespeare class and working on one of Emilia’s monologues from Othello.

In the Knitting Bag: (13:20)

Laura is still working on her Yggdrasil Afghan by Lisa Jacobs out of Berroco Vintage Chunky in Mocha. She’s working on the first border section and it’s beautiful but it’s slow going. She’s also working on a hat for Halos of Hope out of orange, lavender, and sienna Knitpicks Brava. And she cast on the Motoring Madness mittens by Audrey Nicklin out of some custom-dyed Dizzy Blonde DK.

Jen is working on her Chickadee Cardigan by Ysolda Teague from Little Red in the City out of Quince and Co. Chickadee in Rosa Rugosa, Slate, Egret, and Lichen. She just has to knit the body to length and then do the button bands/neckband. She wants to do cross stitch buttons like Ysolda did in the book. She’s hoping to have enough yarn to do a Wee Chickadee for her niece. She’s also working on her Heirloom Layette Set by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence out of Cascade Heritage in Snow. She’s disappointed that she hasn’t had any response from Knit Picks about the error, so she’s about ready to make up her own edging and call it done. But for now she is working on the sweater. She’s working on her plain socks out of FabFunkyFibres 15 Coloured Rainbow self-striping yarn. She’s probably going to do the afterthought heel before she’s done with the foot to make the sure the foot is the right length, especially because the shallowness of the heel doesn’t always fit her well. And she worked just a little bit on her Watership Down KAL Shawl out of Unique Sheep Selene in the colorway Nature Walk.

Finished Objects: (21:56)

Laura finished her hat for Halos of Hope out of grey and brown Knitpicks Brava.

Jen finished her Dump Truck Cardigan from 60 More Quick Baby Knits out of Knit Picks Stroll Sport in a bunch of colors. And she finished her Night Blooming Shawlette for Sunnydale Yarn Club Patrol 2. The shawl is inspired by Drusilla and is currently exclusive, but will be available for purchase in 6 months.

Devil’s Tower (24:25)

Laura has a ton of stuff (booth samples) that need a reblocking or a first blocking.

Jen also has some stuff that could use a good bit of reblocking/washing. She also wove in the ends of her Playful Stripes Cardigan so she can do the buttonbands and block.

We talk about reblocking and storage of pieces.

Frog Pond: (27:51)

Laura had to tink back a bit on the edging of her Yggdrasil due to not paying enough attention.

Jen had a red wine incident with her Heirloom Baby Layette sweater. Luckily it was only one drop and it did wash out, but she really, really, really should have known better.

On Deck: (31:00)

Laura wants to make her same huge list and also Owl Mittens for her friend’s daughter. The rest of her list includes Dreambird by Nadita Swings, Ink by Hanna Maciejewska, and a pair of Iron Man style Knitted Scale Mail Gloves by CraftyMutt for her step-granddaughter’s father for Christmas.

Jen wants to make he Bobble Bearded Beanie by Topsy Turvy, the Porcupine Blanket from 60 Quick Baby Knits out of Cascade 220 Superwash, another Playful Stripes Cardigan, the Baby Yours Sweater), the Hitofude Cardigan, and a CustomFit top.

We mention Melissa’s feature in a recent Ravelry Community Eye Candy Post and also the Yarnover Truck.

Knit Culture: (37:55)

October’s theme was Fall/Samhain/Halloween. Prize drawing next episode. November’s theme for the Stashdown is Food! Post your FOs in the thread. And we review the fantastic Sock Architecture by Lara Neel (of Math4knitters), published by Cooperative Press. We both LOVE this book and think it is a necessity for anyone who wants to knit socks. It’s brilliant. And the patterns have beautiful details.

We mention Cookie A and Hunter Hammerson.

We also mention a new knitting podcast, Schmevelyn Wees.

Geek Culture: (49:11)

We mention the podcast Pop Culture Case Study, which is hosted by Dave, a friend of Miss Kalendar (who hosts the Brass Needles Podcast). He discusses movies in the context of psychology and it’s really interesting and geeky and fun. We also love the fangirl fixation segment.

And we fangirl about Age of Ultron trailer, Agents of SHIELD, and the upcoming Agent Peggy Carter.

Events: (59:15)

We were both at WeFF on November 2nd, in Torrance. Dizzy Blonde Studios was a vendor.

Stitches West is February 19-22 and both Jen and Laura will be there. Laura is vending and Jen will be taking a ton of classes, but come say hi!

Our next milestone prize will be at 1000 members, so join the Ravelry Group. And don’t forget to post your finished October projects in the thread! Keep stashing down!