Episode 35: Military Segue (or Laura and Jen Wonder about Rainbow Dash)

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Catching Up: (0:22)

Jen went to the Huntington to see the exhibit of World War I posters and had tea with Melissa. She also has been rehearsing a lot because her show, El Largo Camino De Hoy, opens very soon. She saw The Tempest, which was amazing. It was co-directed by Teller (of Penn & Teller) and featured Tom Waits music. She loved it. And, in complete contrast, she saw The Expendables 3 and Into the Storm, which were terrible but enjoyable (and Melissa wants to make a Jason Stathem grandpa cardigan (not a Sylvester Stallone cardigan like Jen thought)). She’s also reading Rocket Girl: The Story of Mary Sherman Morgan, America’s First Female Rocket Scientist.

Laura celebrated her dad’s 88th birthday. She’s also cleaning out her studio so it’s more workable. She’s prepping for the fall fiber festivals, Knit Dizzney, and a new yarn store. She’s working on the Mean Girl’s Yarn Club Season 6 theme (sign ups are now open). Her dogs have bruised both of her elbows. But MeiMei gets a pass because she has a slipped disk, so she needs to be loved. And she’s learning to play the Firefly board game for CogKNITive. And Laura is really, really excited for Knit Dizzney.

In the Knitting Bag: (16:57)

Jen is working on the Playful Stripes Cardigan by Alana Dakos out of Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in Slate, Cotton Candy, Raspberry, Lake Chelan Heather, and Summer Sky. She’s done with the body, she needs to weave in the ends and do the button bands. She loves this pattern. She’s working on some mitts out of the Stitch Dizzney yarn. And she’s also working on her Nightblooming Shawl for the Sunnydale yarn club. And she worked a little bit on her Heirloom Layette Set by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence out of Cascade Heritage in Snow. She’s really loving the Orenberg lace in the blanket and can’t wait to make the whole set.

Laura is working on her Yggdrasil Afghan by Lisa Jacobs out of reclaimed Berroco Vintage Chunky in Mocha. She plans to steam block the acrylic. She loves it but she’s trying to wrap her brain around some of the cabling and picking up of stitches. She loves the pattern so much she might make a sportweight version for her step-granddaughter. She’s also working on the Knitted Scale Mail Gloves by CraftyMutt for her step-granddaughter out of Knitpicks Brava Worsted in dark pink. This one will have rainbow scales. The scales are from The Ringlord.com. And she is working on a hat for Halos of Hope. It’s a slipped stitch pattern of her own design and made of lavender and camel heather Knitpicks Brava.

Finished Objects: (27:52)

Jen finished her Beulah Cardigan. This was for Camp Loopy Month 3 and it was made out of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Dried Rose. She finished just in time (the knitting was done very quickly, but it took forever to block). Melissa provided the adorable buttons. She really loves it and is trying to decide if she should do the embroidery on the sweater or leave it without. She has several Unicorn Tails in potential embroidery colors, but she can’t decide if it’s better without it. But it fits well and it’s super cute.

Laura finished the Knitted Scale Mail gloves for her step-daughter (the gray ones with a black to white gradient of scales). She sent them off as a belated birthday present. Her step-daughter will use them to play a pirate at the Renaissance Fair.

Devil’s Tower: (31:39)

Jen pulled out her Leah’s Lovely Cardigan from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. She’s making it out of Malabrigo sock in Eggplant. She had put it away to work on Camp Loopy stuff, but it’s so close to done that she really just wants to finish it because she wants to wear it to Stitches (which is super far away).

Laura is still intending to cull her UFOs. She’s cleared away the stuff from the front of cabinet so she can get started.

Frog Pond: (33:54)

Jen has been doing a lot of frogging. Some of it is because she’s working on designing and she doesn’t like how it looks (like her shawl). But she was knitting on her mitts in the movie and ended up short a stitch. She had to frog to find the dropped stitch because she just could. not. find it. And when she started the second mitt, she didn’t reverse the rib pattern so that the ribbing would flow into the patterning properly.

Laura has managed to stay out of the frog pond now that the Yggdrasil is more intuitive and she’s on the second pair of mitts so she’s used to them.

On Deck: (38:10)

Jen wants to make a Dump Truck Cardigan from 60 Quick Baby Knits for her nephew out of Knitpicks Stroll Sport. She’s going to make another Playful Stripes Cardigan for the new baby of indeterminate gender out of Cascade 220 SW Sport, in a more gender-neutral fashion. She’s making the Porcupine Blanket from 60 Quick Baby Knits out of Cascade 220 Superwash. She also wants to make the Baby Yours Sweater and she’ll use the motif to also make a blanket and hat so there will be full a layette out of Cascade 220 SW Sport in Aran (cream-colored). She also wants to make a Bobble Bearded Beanie by Topsy Turvy, and a Chickadee cardigan for herself.

Laura wants to make some lace.  She has several knit and crochet patterns in mind.  She also wants to make to make Dreambird by Nadita Swings, Ink by Hanna Maciejewska out of Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash Sock, Motoring Madness mittens by Audrey Nicklin for her husband, and the Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig out of Dizzy Blonde DK in either Anna or Paris. She’s hesitating on the sweaters because she feels she hasn’t done much sweater knitting and wants to give it her full attention.

Knit Culture: (42:13)

We answer a question from our Knotty Talk thread. Tinyfeets asks Do you have any advice on how to get better at reading pattern charts? I know most people love them but I find them a bit confusing and overwhelming, and I don’t want to miss out on some great patterns because it uses a chart. We recommend starting with relatively easy lace that has both written and charted instructions. Shetland lace is particularly intuitive and has short lace repeats (for example Feather and Fan pattern). Laura is fond of the Weekend Shawl by Anne Kuo Lukito for this. Jen recommends using highlighters on your chart like in this Knitting Daily article. And we both recommend using pattern keepers with magnets to keep track of your charts. And highlight the key of your chart in the same color as the boxes on the chart. Also, even though there aren’t any actual standards for symbols in charts, just check your key if you have questions. A lot of it comes down to practice. But use lifelines and stitch markers to help you keep track. But this only works for patterns where the lace pattern doesn’t shift, so be careful.

We award the stashdown prize for August. Congratulations fun4Tracey, you win a digital copy of Head to Toe: Kids Knit Accessories by Katya Frankel, courtesy of Cooperative Press. September’s theme is Pirates vs. Ninjas, so post in the thread. October’s theme will be Samhain/Halloween/Fall Festivals.

Geek Culture: (52:24)

We talk about Buzzfeed’s ranking of Firefly episodes. We both agree with Out of Gas as the best episode. Jen’s a sucker for an origin story and it’s well-written. We disagree with their worst episode.

We also mention Gallery 1988 and their Joss Whedon art exhibit.

And, if you’re interested, the Firefly online game is looking for beta testers, if you’re interested.

Events: (56:36)

KnitDizzney! Yay!

The San Diego Yarn Crawl is September 18th-21st. We are not attending, but you should if you can.

We will be at Yarnosphere on October 4th and 5th at the Expo Arts Center in Bixby Knolls in Long Beach. Dizzy Blonde will be a vendor and Jen will just be there for fun.

And Jen and Laura will both be at the CogKNITive Fiber Retreat on October 11 in the La Quinta Inn in Tehachapi. Dizzy Blonde Studios will be vending.

That same weekend (October 11-12) is the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta in Downtown San Diego. We aren’t going, but it sounds great.

WeFF will be November 2nd, 2014 in Torrance. Dizzy Blonde Studios will be vending.  It’s a lot of fun, with great demonstrations, raffles, and lots of cool vendors.

Our next milestone prize will be at 1000 members, so join the Ravelry Group. And don’t forget to post your finished September projects in the thread! Keep stashing down!


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  1. Jen and Laura!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast! It’s my favorite . . it is so diverse and fun, informative . . . thank you for doing this! I so look forward to it! AND, the notes are fantastic. Rather than scrambling for a pen while driving I always know I can find the information again! Thanks again! Your fan, Susan

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