Episode 17: Two-Headed Zombie Mutant Sky Pirates (Or Laura and Jen Join Team Sasquatch)

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Podcaster Throwdown: (0:34)

Tub o hats

Tub o’ hats!

It’s crunch time!

There is virtual way to participate. You can now donate for your favorite team. Click here and choose your team. $5 is equal to one hat for your team! Each $5 lets Halos of Hope to ship 16 hats to cancer centers and hospitals around the country. The board is all volunteer, so all the money goes to shipping.

Check out Episode 8.5 for Throwdown information.

Check out the Podcaster Throwdown group in Ravelry. There will be prizes for participating in the Throwdown group on Ravelry, courtesy of XRX. Check out the Halos of Hope website and Ben’s interview with Pam Haschke on Fiber Hooligans.

The January incentive pattern is Assquack. Post your finished hats in this thread to get your incentive.

There are prizes for donating to Team Knottygirls. Check out Episodes 10, 11, 12, and 13, as well as the Prize Page for prize listings.  New prizes include a custom-dyed skein of Dizzy Blonde yarns.

Send your hats to Purlescence Yarns, tagged for Team Knotty. Shipping information is here.

Purlescence Address:

Purlescence Yarns
your name & the name of your team
564 South Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Designer Brenda Castiel has all of her hat patterns and hat/mitt set patterns at a discount, just use coupon code HALOS. Also, thank you to Brenda for her generous donation to the podcast.

Catching Up: (5:49)

Jen stayed up way too late on New Years Eve, but she had a lot of fun. She’s also been busy with work, especially since it’s flu season (stay healthy everyone!). She’s been playing Fallout 3 again, because she misses video games. And she’s been drop spindling her pink corriedale, and cataloging her stash (except for the remnants and a few new things).

Laura has been relaxing now that her family is gone. She has an adorable granddaughter (Jen can vouch for this). She’s also been cataloging her stash.  And she’s been watching Downton Abbey. And she will play one more tournament of Nerd Wars to groom a new captain.

In the Knitting Bag: (15:14)

Jen has been working on vanilla socks in very old Opal Sock Yarn (the Rainforest series, colorway Flamingo, which is pink). She is over halfway done with the California Poppy Shawl by Lydia Tsymbal out of Baah La Jolla in My Sweet Valentine for Melissa. And she’s been swatching out of Wollmeise DK, for her Sweetheart of the Rodeo Sweater.

Laura has been working on her man sock out of Lambie Toes in No Touching Guns, an Olivia’s Butterfly Hat in Knitpicks Brava in grey. She is also working on a Doctor Who-inspired hat in Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash DK in Smurfinator and Down the Garden Path by Michele DuNaier out of Lambie Toes in the Indefinable Allure Colorway, for a booth sample for Stitches West.

Finished Objects: (19:17)

Jen finished the Man Hat by Haven Leavitt out of blue Plymouth Encore Yarn and a Gerri Hat in Peter Pan Wendy Yarn in pink, both for Halos of Hope.  And she can finally reveal her Christmas project: a St. Brigid sweater by Alice Starmore from Aran Knitting out of black Cascade 220.

Dragon Tail Hat

Dragon Tail Hat

Laura finished another Big Damn Hero Hat by Dryope out of Knitpicks Brava in Canary, Orange, and Paprika. She also finished her Dragon Tail Hat by Jen Spears for Nerd Wars in Knitpicks Brava in Asphalt Heather and Dove Heather, an Odessa Hat by Grumperina out of Dizzy Blonde Studios Superwash DK in Jessica for her sister-in-law, with beads. And she finished the Spring Lacy Hat by My Hobby is Crochet out of Berroco Comfort in Copen Blue and Yellow.

Devil’s Tower: (25:34)

Jen has Vanilla socks.  And Laura is pulling out her 22 Leaves Shawlette by Lankakomero. She’s making it out ofMean Girls Yarn Club in Heart in a Box.

Frog Pond: (26:39)

Jen did run out of yarn on her St. Brigid, as she suspected. She used a ball with a non-matching dyelot for the collar treatment. She was lucky she was using Cascade and black so the dyelots weren’t too far apart and it’s almost impossible to tell.

Laura frogged her Sous Chef hat by Marly Bird because she didn’t like how the colors looked together.

We mention Sassy Gay Friend.

On Deck: (32:41)

Jen will be making her sweater that she’s been swatching for, hats (including a stripey one out of the Delicious Yarns Frosting Worsted in Blueberry and Pistachio leftover from her gramps cardigan) and yellow hat using some leftover Encore Worsted. She will also look for more remnants to make some stripey.

Laura will be actually starting her Who-inspired hat, a stripey hat for January, and she wants to do Ysolda Teague’s Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL out of Knitpicks Chroma Fingering and Gloss.

Knit Culture: (37:54)

Stashdown 2014!

We challenge ourselves and our listeners to reduce stash as a year-long project. Knit from your stash all year long. Catalog your stash and find out what you have (however you want to). Then set goals for yourself. Each month will have a theme and a thread to post FOs along the theme and there will be prizes. Set some goals for yourself (these are personal, so whatever you want). Jen’s goals are to buy no yarn except for at Stitches West or if Wollmeise Lace becomes available and to knit/crochet/spin at least 20000 yards of yarn (this may be reassessed). Laura will only buy yarn at Stitches (as much as she wants) and only one skein of yarn at smaller festivals. She wants to knit at least 1/3 of her stash (or maybe this needs to be evaluated). She will check her stash before she buys yarn for projects.

We recommend Knitmeter.com to help track your yardage.

January’s Theme is Stripe it Up! We take a page from Halos of Hope–use up your leftover Christmas project yarn (or other remnants) to make projects. Post your FOs on January’s theme here.

January’s flash prize is to Flash Your Stash! Do it here for a chance to win January’s flash prize (a digital copy of Doomsday Knits courtesy of Cooperative Press.)

Fall down in your goals? No problem! Just go to the Confessional Thread for no judgement support to get back on that horse.

Ravellenic Games! For the 2014 Ravellenic Games (this links to the Ravelry group) we’ve thrown our hat in with Team Sasquatch (a giant pan-podcast team). So join us!

Geek Culture: (47:54)

We review Doomsday Knits by Alexandra Tinsley and published by Cooperative Press. (This is where knit and geek culture collide). Digital retails for 16.95 USD and 29.95 USD for a print+pdf version (the print version will be available later). We love this book! The patterns are clever and lovely and it has a sense of humor. We love the styling for the most part. Some of the sweaters would be very unflattering for larger people, but that’s okay. The accessories are fantastic. Four Thumbs up (and a toe!)

Events: (58:53)

We will be at Stitches West, which is February 20-23 in Santa Clara, CA at the Convention Center. Dizzy Blonde Studios & Skeindalous Yarns are sharing a booth (booth 906 and 908). The Dizzy Blonde booth is a collection point for Halos of Hope hats for Team KnottyGirls (the final collection point!). With prizes! Shout out to the Purlescence Girls (who have the booth across from us) and we are right next to Halos of Hope (Booth 904). We will be doing a meet and greet, time to be announced. We are taking classes. Jen is taking Design Inspiration with Lily Chin, Design in a Day with Christine Bylsma, and Where do They Get Those Numbers with Edie Eikman. Laura is taking Around the World: Japanese & German Lace with Brooke Nico.

We have to cancel Knit 2 Together with Yarn on Tap due to scheduling conflicts.

Our next milestone prize will be at 1000 members, so join the Ravelry group! And don’t forget to knit hats and donate.


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