Episode 6: And Fifty Percent What? (Or Jen and Laura Reach Critical Geek Mass)

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Thank you to Eve and Michele of the Skein After Skein podcast for the shout out. We say “Challenge Accepted!” (Details to come.)

Catching Up (1:22)

Laura got a new internet provider, but all may not yet be rosy.

She also was interviewed by Benjamin Levisay of the Fiber Hooligans Podcast. You can listen to her interview here or on iTunes.

She continues to work on a yarn club with Heather of Mad Color.

She is also working on preparing for the new year of Mean Girls Yarn Club (sign ups open in early August).

Jen has been really busy with work. She only has energy to go out and see movies. She saw Despicable Me 2, This is the End, World War Z, and Sharknado. She enjoyed them all but was disappointed in World War Z as an adaptation of the book. Sharknado was everything she could have hoped for.


Laura and Melissa at Stitch and Pitch. You can catch a glimpse of Laura’s Lattice Wingspan!

We went to Stitch and Pitch at Dodger Stadium and it was really fun. We bought our tickets with the Yarnover Truck, who had extra gift bags and bingo cards. And Dodgers won!

In the Knitting Bag (15:26)

Laura is working on a Kaylee-inspired Mother Bear (Koalee Frye) out of Knitpicks Brava yarn.


A cabled beret. So cute!

She also is working on the Cabled Beret by Darlene Dale as a gift for a client at work.

She continues to work on her Mean Girls Yarn Club WAL project, a Lattice Wingspan out of the MGYC colorway Hoar’s Yer Buddy.

Madrona shawl

Thisclose to done.

Jen is still working on her Madroña Shawl by Romi Hill out of Prism Delicato in Hibiscus. She’s on the last wing, and she is almost done.

She also cast on for the Sunshine Socks by Cookie A, out of the book Sock Innovation. She’s using Dream in Color Smooshy in the colorway Butter Peeps.

Finished Objects(19:15)


Hoban Washbear and Inara Bearra

Laura finished her Inara Bearra Mother Bear. All she has to do with her Cabled Beret is block it.


Jen knit up a storm! (Get it?)


The view from the front.

Jen finished her Tempest Cardigan by Ann Weaver for Camp Loopy. She knit it out of Dream in Color Smooshy in the colors Charged Cherry and Rosalita. She modified it to knit the body in one piece and used short rows to shape the armholes, sleeve caps, and shoulders. She also sewed grosgrain ribbon on the button band and used backing buttons, using these tutorials by the Knitmore Girls: Grosgrain Ribbon Buttonband Tutorial and Couture Button Tutorial.

She also finished her MGYC WAL project, the Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl by Jessie Doddington in the Dictate Hoar colorway of MGYC yarn. She also did some modifications on that to use more yarn. It still needs blocking.

On Deck (23:03)

Laura is waiting for Nerd Wars Challenges for August. She is going to cast on some Kninja Kitties (the Knitted Kitty by Lillian). She will also be knitting a coffee mug cozy based on Alison Hogg’s Grenade pattern.

Jen will be knitting the Effervescence Cardigan by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, published in the Circles + Dots e-book by Quince and Company. She is using Madelinetosh Pashmina in the colorway Rainwater. This is for Camp Loopy month 3 project, which requires the project to be 800 yards minimum. She’ll be using the tubular cast on and tubular bind off.

She is also going to start the Unique Sheep Watership Down Mystery Shawl Knitalong. She will also count this project as part of the Knitmore Girls Summer of Lace and Beads Knitalong.

Laura mentions that both the 2 Knit Lit Chicks Podcast and the CogKNITive Podcast are hosting Mother Bear Knitalongs.

Knit Culture (28:08)

We discuss Challenge One of the The Fiber Factor as requested by Andimc13 in our Knotty Talk Thread. We both like it and will continue to watch and discuss. We appreciate the focus on knitting and not drama.

Laura points out a tutorial to make multiple pompoms at once on Flax and Twine.

We both are very excited for the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits coming out from Interweave Press. We love it when knit and geek culture collide. Laura is Slytherin and Jen is definitely Ravenclaw.

Geek Culture (46:56)

Pictures from the Rubiks Cube Yarn Bombing at Comic Con are up. (This is the project that some of our guests at the WWKIP event we hosted were working on.)

We discuss some of the announcements that excite us from Comic Con, including news about the upcoming Avengers movie (Yay Ultron!), Cobie Smulders being in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the new Harley Quinn comic series, and Batman vs. Superman.

We also mention Superman: Red Son and the Man of Steel Alternate ending joke YouTube video. (That last link is not safe for work and has swearing).

Events (54:48)

A preview of the custom Knit Dizzney Colorway

KnitDizzney will be Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at Disneyland. We will be there from open to close. We will have a meetup at 2pm in the picnic area outside the Disneyland entrance; come say hi and get swag! We will have t-shirts for preorder and a custom yarn color! Keep an eye out for those; information will be out soon.

We will both be at the CogKNITive Fiber Retreat in Tehachapi from the evening of October 11th to the morning of October 13. Dizzy Blonde will be a vendor and Jen will just be hanging out and taking classes. The retreat is full, but contact Dr. Gemma to be on the waiting list.

Dizzy Blonde Yarns will be at Stitches Midwest August 8-11 at the Skeindalous Yarn’s Booth (Booth 925). This is just the yarn, not us.

Episode 5: They’re Both F Words (Or Laura has Joss on the Brain)

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This episode is sponsored by Dizzy Blonde Studios. “Beautifully hand-dyed yarns and inspired knit design.” Listen to the episode for a special coupon code.

Signups for the Mean Girls Yarn Club open soon!

Love to Jan and Ellen of Twinset Designs for playing our promo.

Catching Up: (1:17)

Jen was on vacation and did a lot hiking and swimming. On the way home, she visited Sierra Cottons and Wools.

Laura has been busy with the Mean Girls Yarn Club; the final installment is due out soon. She also was visiting her parents.

She also was interviewed on The Fiber Hooligans Podcast on Monday, July 15th. You can find her interview here. Fiber Hooligans is also on iTunes.

There is also mischief afoot with Heather from Mad Color.

In the Knitting Bag: (6:00)


Blocking sweater pieces.

Jen is working on her Tempest Cardigan by Ann Weaver from Knitty Spring 2008 for Month 2 of Camp Loopy. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in Charged Cherry and Rosalita.

Jen is also working on the Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl by Jessie Dodington for the Mean Girls Yarn Club Wank-A-Long in the color Dictate Hoar.

Laura is also working on her Mean Girls Yarn Club WAL. She frogged the Tennessee Twister Cowl and is instead making a Lattice Wingspan, by Kim Brody Salazar, a variant of Wingspan by Tri’Coterie Designs. (The pattern on the Lattice Wingspan reminds Jen of filet crochet. Also, Wingspan won’t be free for much longer). She’s using MGYC Hoar’s Yer Buddy colorway.

We mention both Elann.com because Laura bought some Tarantella Yarn from there (which reminds Jen Jojoland Melody yarn.

Laura is also working on an Inara-inspired Mother Bear (Inara Bearra) for Nerd Wars. She’s using Berroco Comfort in Salmonberry Heather and Berroco Vintage in Sloeberry.

Finished Objects: (13:33)


Wash Lives!

Laura finished her Hoban Washbear.

On Deck: (13:58)

Jen will be participating the Unique Sheep Watership Down Mystery Knitalong using their Selene Superwash Lace in the Nature Walk gradience colorway. The shawl will be faroese shaped.

She also wants to knit the Sunshine Socks by Cookie A, afghan squares, the Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, and something for Camp Loopy month 3.

Laura will be starting the Cabled Beret by Darlene Dale out of Berroco Vintage in the colorway Ruby.

She will also be making some catnip toys inspired by Badger from Firefly.

We talk about prematurely cancelled shows in which Mark Sheppard played a character (Firefly, Dollhouse, Jake 2.0, Mantis, and Soldiers of Fortune). We are both excited for Agents of Shield.

She will also be starting the next Mother Bear: Koalee Frye.

Knit Culture: (19:56)

We answer a Knotty Talk Question.

Canyonwren2 asks “One of you sounds like a die-hard lace fan. Maybe both??? I would love to hear if it’s possible to fix a mistake in your project without taking it out row by row. I’m knitting with dental floss, uh I mean lace weight linen cotton. Very pretty but I’ve lost that loving feeling after unknitting three rows of 60+ stitches and still can’t find where I went wrong. I would like to not abandon this project like so many other lace projects I felt too dumb to knit.”

We give our tips and tricks for fixing lace, spotting mistakes, and avoiding mistakes.

Here are some good tutorials:


Unraveling and reinserting needles in complicated patterns(Really all of the Fixing Mistakes videos are really good at Knitting help)

Afterthought lifelines

Romi Hill’s method of lace surgery

Fixes for Common lace mistakes

Sally of the Rainey Sisters fixes some lace mistakes.

An example of pinning out lace to fix mistakes.

World Wide Knit In Public Day Pictures are up on our Flickr.

Jen mentions the Laminaria Shawl and the Frost Flowers Stole.

Geek Culture: (32:46)

We talk about the new Much Ado About Nothing movie, directed by Joss Whedon. We highly recommend it.

We also talk about The National Media Museum’s Doctor Who fan exhibit in London. They are asking for anecdotes and memorabilia (both official merch and fan-made stuff. Contact them via drwho@nationalmediamuseum.org.uk in order to discuss what you might be able to contribute. The museum stresses not to send anything to them at this time and just to contact them by the email address, as they can’t guarantee inclusion or return before they finalise the exhibition items. Potential submissions need to be made to the museum by 9th August – the exhibition itself will run from 12th November 2013 to 2nd March 2014.

Events: (42:25)

We will both be at Stitch N’ Pitch on July 26th at Dodger Stadium. Come say hi and get swag! Game starts at 7:10.

KnitDizzney will be Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at Disneyland. More details to come, but we’d love to spend a day at the Disneyland park with you! We will have t-shirts for preorder and possibly a custom yarn color!

Join the Ravelry group! The next prize drawing is at 250 members!

Episode 4: Jayne Hat Outlaws (Or Jen Leads Laura Down a Primrose Path)

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Shoutouts, thank yous, and love to Dawn and James of Wolfe Farms for mentioning us and to Heather Ordover of Craftlit for playing our promo!

Catching Up (1:20)

Laura and her husband celebrated their twelfth wedding anniversary. She has also been having woes surrounding cable and internet service.

She’s channeled her woes into her dying for a new LYS that will be carrying her yarn and for the Mean Girls Yarn Club and for her Lambie Toes yarn.

Speaking of which, the Mean Girls Yarn Club will be hosting a Wank-A-Long (Knit-a-long, Crochet-a-long, or a Weave-a-long), running from July 1 to August 31. There will be prizes. Here is a Ravelry thread for more information.

JoniLvs Neddy has won our milestone prize (for hitting 100 members in our Ravelry Group).

Jen saw Monsters University, which has a surprising amount of knitwear in it.

She saw some great theatre at the Young Playwrights Festival, produced by the Blank Theatre, which has Noah Wyle (a.k.a. President Doctor Carter) as artistic producer.

Jen has been cooking and has some recipes on her blog.

Laura and Jen also attended a fantastic knitting party. Laura did the party favors (which were yarn), and experimented with dying different bases.

In the Knitting Bag (13:10)

Laura is working on her Mother Bear inspired by Wash from Firefly for Nerd Wars. Next up is a Kaylee inspired one, but she’s waiting for yarn.

Jen is still working on her Madroña Shawl out of Prism Delicato.


Tempest Cardigan, started after July 1st (These show notes weren’t even done until July 2nd)

She is starting (at midnight July 1) her Tempest Cardigan for Camp Loopy. The yarn for that is Dream in Color Smooshy in the colors Charged Cherry (maroon/red) and Rosalita (pink).

She’s also working on Vanilla Socks in Opal Sock Yarn in the colorway Flamingo (pinks, whites, and maroon). They also mention the colorways of Opal inspired by van Gogh.

We mention the Great American Afghan, Great North American Afghan, and Great American Aran Afghan books

Finished Objects (19:27)


Lacy cap.

Laura finished her Lacy Cap by Carissa Browning in Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply.


Fit for a big damn hero.


Hold me close, oh tiny lantern


Is that James Baxter? (Gratuitous Adventure Time reference)

She also finished a Jayne Hat, a Mini Chinese Lantern by Carolyn Lightowler, and a horse blanket square adapted from Amy Lynn Mitchell’s Giddyup pattern.


It took all the pins to block this!


But it’s worth it to get this!

Jen finished her Tiong Bahru by Asa Tricosa for Camp Loopy. The yarn is Fleece Artist Saldanha Two in the Vermillion colorway. Blocking was painful, but worth it.

Devil’s Tower (22:54)

Laura has set aside her Sassy-tis (Clapotis) to work on Nerd Wars projects.

Jen is putting the Madroña on hold to knit her Tempest.

On Deck (24:13)

Laura will be knitting the Tennessee Twister Cowl by Daniela Richardson for the Mean Girls Yarn Club WAL. She will be using the color way “Hoar’s Yer” Buddy, inspired by Syndrome from The Incredibles. Its for her Sister-in-law, who is a Denver Broncos fan.

Jen will also be doing the WAL, but she has yet to pick a yarn or a pattern. There will be a project for Camp Loopy month 3, but she’s not sure what the challenge will be.

She will also be doing the Unique Sheep Watership Down Mystery Knitalong. Her yarn is their Selene Superwash Lace in the Nature Walk gradience colorway.

We talk about reading Stephen King books as children.

Knit Culture (28:45)

Laura and Jen discuss the ergonomics of knitting and crocheting and point out some Wrist Exercises for Knitters and Crocheters that are really good. Stretching lets you keep knitting until you’re old. Use the commercial breaks in television as stretch breaks from knitting. Or set a timer.

Laura and Jen both fell down and bought too much sale yarn.

Jen bought a lot of Lopi Wool (enough to make two Icelandic sweaters–the Iðunn and the Top Down Icelandic Sweater Craftsy Class Sweater, both by Ragga Eiríksdóttir).

Laura bought 20 skeins of brown chunky Cascade yarn to remake the Browncoat (that she may no longer be making), some Brown Sheep yarn in the Jayne Hat colors, and some pink Lion Brand.

Laura also fell down at Knitpicks, where she got yarn to make her Mother Bears.

Jen recommends combining online orders with a friend to get to the free shipping dollar amounts when ordering online.

Geek Culture (36:20)

We answer a question from tygherknits about our gaming habits. Tygherknits asks: Do either of you play video games? Tabletop games? Maybe even D&D?

Laura used to play table top games (including D&D). She doesn’t play anymore, because most of her gamer friends have moved away. But those multi-sided dice are really useful for knitting.

Jen does not play tabletop RPGs, but she does play video games. She doesn’t like MMORPGs. She loves games like Skyrim, Final Fantasy, and Bioshock. She also likes a lot of DS Games. She struggles with time to play.

Laura points out Catlore’s awesome etsy shop with geeky fandom buttons.

Events (46:08)

We will both be at Stitch N’ Pitch on July 26th at Dodger Stadium. Come say hi and get swag!

KnitDizzney will be Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at Disneyland. More details to come, but we’d love to spend a day at the Disneyland park with you! We will have t-shirts for preorder and possibly a custom yarn color!

Mean Girls Yarn Club signups will open in August.